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healthy +uplifting social media


U4U’s app offers a healthy alternative to traditional social media that is: AGE APPROPRIATE + PERSONALIZED + FUN. 

Teen girls are facing a mental health crisis with rising rates of depression, suicide, self-harm, + eating disorders.

U4U App provides engagement + interactions that traditional social media offers but in a healthier, more personal, + guided manner.

social media 2.0
U4U App at a Glance

U4U App offers girls aged 11-18 connection, a space to develop their unique self, and a personal cheerleader. Plus, its short, empowering, educational, and inspiring 1-3 minute engagements fit into each girl’s unique schedule.

U4U App Foundational Elements
The App Journey

Girls find belonging, inspiration, support + enrichment on their journey through the app. 

Why the U4U App?
Because We Empower.

At U4U, our mission is clear: to empower + uplift teenage girls like never before. We provide a unique + dynamic platform designed to help teens navigate the complexities of adolescence with confidence, resilience, + a sense of purpose.

U4U meets girls where they are at on social media

  • stimulating images + shares

  • micro engagements inspire (vs depress)

  • access in Instagram + Google Classrooms

U4U creates lifelong healthy habits

  • mood + sleep tracking

  • access to health information that is accessible, self-led + purposeful

 U4U offers healthy community + belonging

  • teens are assigned 'houses' made up of 8-10 girls where they interact + connect

  • each girl has a big or little sister

 U4U guides their personal development journey

  • 4 pillar development wheel - self, connect, culture + environment - sets the intention

  • programs inspire awareness + goal setting

What you do for girls to help them feel better about themselves and give them a safe place to talk is amazing and I am so happy to have been a part of it

13 yr old girl, NV

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