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There are millions of organizations to invest in, but very few offer the revenue opportunity + impact potential of U4U.
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Why U4U?
Massive Need

The US Surgeon General declared teen mental health at crisis level. 57% of US teen girls are experiencing depression; a rate 2X that of boys. And this is a global issue. Parents, schools, healthcare, and government all are desperate for solutions & have large spend available.

Lager Opportunity Size

83M+ teen girls are already active on Meta platforms U4U comparable opportunity of annual rev @ $539M US or $3.5B Global with subscriptions

Team Fit

The founding team brings 20yrs experience launching and growing profitable solutions that scale. They bring expert level experience & connections within education, healthcare and technology. AND an imense PASSION + DRIVE.

U4U at a Glance

U4U is a pre-seed platform for teenage girls at the intersections of curated social media, health tech, & ed tech; providing healthy connection, support, and development journey.

U4U’s core product is an app offering tailored, multi-year engagement which teens can complete in their own time & includes gamification, peer to peer mentoring & mental health journey tracking. Facilitated peer small groups offered online, through schools & through healthcare providers are our support offering.

The apps ‘freemium’ business model and group subscriptions tap into the billions spent on teenage mental health & leadership development by parents, schools, healthcare organizations, state and federal agencies.

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The Opportunity

Social media is toxic, teen girls need an alternative. U4U is fun + engaging like social media, yet empowers users through connection, education, behavior change technique and inspiration.

Together we can grow quicker + scale faster. Together, we can address the teen mental health crisis, increase female representation at the highest levels of leadership, + extend our impact to other groups, including boys + seniors.

Girls are the future; they will lead their families, communities, and beyond. With more women in top leadership positions, the world will benefit.

Harnessing AI For Greater Impact
The Road Ahead

Our ongoing development includes the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), allowing the U4U app to deliver an even more personalized experience on the path to empowering girls through their unique development journey.


AI will also play a pivotal role in our partnerships with healthcare to help girls understand their mental health status, highlighting risks to avoid or clarifying the need for treatment.

Image by Marek Piwnicki

Within just one week, we saw reduced depression, behavior change, goal setting, + empowerment. Engagement levels are soaring, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from users.

Impressive results in our inital pilot
U4U Teen screenshot of log in page
"I started U4U because I was feeling insecure + thought U4U could help, I was so right... I'm loving it."
14 yr old, North Carolina
"I'm so grateful for this community; the community has done way more for me than you can imagine."
16 yr old, Texas
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